"Vision in a Nutshell"

The motto is: "Building Bridges, Breaking down walls!"

We live in a multi-culture society. Building bridges is more important than ever.

Abflug in die USA
"Atlantic Bridge" wants to bring together young people from different cultures and countries, and help to build true friendships. We want to develop respect and understanding for people from different cultures, countries and religions.

"Atlantic Bridge" challenges young people, to break down walls walls of ignorance, and prejudices and to build bridges of friendship and trust.

"Atlantic Bridge" encourages young people to make a difference in society. We want to create a frame within which they can develop their personal believe.

"Atlantic Bridge" is an international Christian youthwork. Founded in the Netherlands there are departments in the USA, Czech Republic, Germany (Nürnberg, Cologne and Dresden), Belgium, Iceland, Slovakia and England.

"Atlantic Bridge" works with different churches. We have a unique network for pioneering and developing youthwork in unlikely places. "Building Bridges" is at the heart of the work. Another part of our vision include schools a primary base of Atlantic Bridge outreach. "Atlantic Bridge" uses non-traditional and non-organized church venues where the church is either limited or un-involved.

How does it work in detail?

Bridgebuilderclub aus Nürnberg in New York "Bridgebuilder Clubs"

Small teams of 712 young people meet regularly over one year. They make friends through intens communication and intercultural training. A program of 14 "bricks" helps the group, beginning with the personal identity up to making peace with other people.

"Bridgebuilder Interns"

A team of young adults, who oversee, stimulate, coordinate and develop a region. The stay 3 12 month, develop and start Bridgebuilder Clubs.

"Marco Polo Teams"

Two or three young adults explore a city or a region. 3 12 weeks they interview young people and do reports on youth culture in that specific place. Their results are written down and form the base for new youth activities.

Bridgebuilderclub aus Nürnberg in den USA"Bridgebuilder Outpost"

We want relieable and persisting but still flexible structures for youth work a "Bridgebuilder Outpost". With the help of the "Bridgebuilder Interns" and lokal partners and churches we want to develop a relationship oriented, intercultural youthwork. In our mission "Bridgebuilding" we trust in young people, going to their peers. As young christians they can try and share their faith in regional youthwork.

"Street-Step-Dance" ("Stepping")

Aa good way to reach young people today is "Stepping" eine mixture of freestyle, streetdance and bodypercussion with singing. Doing "Stepping" one trains dancing, teamspirit and personal discipline at the same time. Also stepping is good for the "bridge building mission" and a cool way to express our believe.

Through the New York Steppingteam "Nubian Gents" "Stepping" became known in Europe. Now there are stepping teams in Rotterdam, Antwerpen and Nürnberg. These teams already perform and encourage others to build bridges.

"Building Bridges" and the power of "Walls" can be experienced here in two games !