The International Youthfestival


Festival in Tschechien

The idea of the
"International Youth Festival"
The International Youthfestival is the cream on top of the Atlantic Bridge exchange programs. Young people from more than 10 different countries meet, talk about their ideas of this world and about their faith. An unforgetable experience, to get in close contact with other cultures, and an important time in life.

Atlantic Bridge organizes 1 or 2 International Youthfestivals every year. Each festival is attended by 150 young people from the USA, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumanie, Great Britain and Ireland.

    Festival is ...
  • The young people sleep, eat and meet usually in a school.
  • At mornings they meet with artists and speakers, led in singing by a band.
  • Then they split up into international mixed small groups.
  • In the afternoon they do sports, games, workshops and there ist plenty time for just meeting and talking to people.
  • In the evening the festival starts: Concerts, country presentations, action.
  • On the festival there are clear rules about smoking, alcohol and sex responding to and considerin the variety of cultures